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Mail alerts

Do you worry that something important

around the channels and industries you monitor

will slip through your fingers?

Mail alerts to the rescue!

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mail alerts
Keeping an eye on the ball all the time seems impossible

Or is it now?

Stay alerted on the go

There’s so much of a new content uploaded to TikTok and Instagram every second, that it gives you a headache to stay on your toes? Cut it out now with our Instant Mail Alerts that will tell you exactly when any of creators you monitor posts anything on their channels

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Be a monitoring superhero!

Once instant email notification is set for a specific profile, all its new posts begin to be tracked from the moment they were uploaded. That is why they are called Instant Alerts! Nothing will slip through your fingers anymore

Get hassle-free updates

There’s nothing worse to go over and over again the same spreadsheets to capture all the metrics changes or the whole industry shift in direction. Stress less! Set mail alerts to any updates you want to (profile and video charts, smart folders, channels and videos updates, YouTube trending video alert) and get everything hassle-free directly to your mailbox

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Understand your audience

increase viewership

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Clear performance indicators

All the most important performance metrics benchmarked on one dashboard

Exposed competitors’ strategy

Deep insights and analysis into all social campaigns of industry competition

Industry trends caption

Advanced trending content & emerging creators discovery of any niche

Activation success!