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How to use social video for communicating your brand? [infographic]

You probably know that viewers are watching a ton of social video. Without a doubt, video plays a key role now, so you must be aware that any brand that doesn’t create video and promotes it on social media loses a huge opportunity.

In order to reach as many people as possible (which is what it is all about, isn’t it?), one thing is certain: video without a social component has almost no chance. Therefore, if you use video as part of a marketing plan on social media, this video must be a social video.

What is social video?

The term “social video” covers a lot of ground. Firstly, social videos need to be optimized for different channels. Secondly, social videos need to be shareable. And most importantly – they must evoke emotions, be authentic and interact in real time. Viewers should feel that it is a conversation between them and you. Here are the top four points from the following social video infographic:


  • Understand your audience


In the beginning, think seriously about what kind of content engages your audience the most.


  • Create the content


Then create the content. Remember to adapt it to the specificity of the platform in which you will share the video.


  • Manage the distribution


Now you have to focus on distribution. You have many platforms to choose from and the final choice of the right one is extremely important! It’s worth remembering not to publish the same content in all social channels, because it can bore viewers.


  • Measure and attribute the success


Lastly, be sure to measure and attribute your success so that you can do an even better job marketing your next social video.

Tips for making social video work for your brand

Check out the infographic below for more on social video. We hope that you will learn something new and apply this knowledge in practice.

social video analytics

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