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All-in-one tool
for cross-platform
social video analytics

Track, analyze and compare thousands of social channels and videos performance, discover the hottest trends across Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram and grow your audience!


A complete social media solution for Brands, Media agencies, Music labels, MCNs and Creators

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Social media has never been so focused on video content ever before.

And never so flooded with it.

How to stand out and grow your business in an era of the digital video?

We’ve got you covered!

Clear engagement metrics

See what your targeted users watch on social media, what they like, comment on and interact with. Then create a fabulous content to fit their preferences and build your brand’s exposure

Competitors analysis

Identify the best stories posted by your industry leaders on major social platforms, avoid communication mistakes they’ve made and spend less time reaching the right customer

Influencer discovery

Build you brand’s reputation by partnering with the right creators. Identify Influencers followed and trusted by your dream customer and be first to invite them for cooperation

New content ideas

Monitor social media trends closely and jump early on viral topics. Produce videos accordingly to the hottest threads to reach your viewers faster and with less effort


social video analytics

Understand your audience

Monitor and test all your social video campaigns

Verify what resonates best to the different social platforms users. What engages your YouTube audience? Does it resonate equally well or worse on TikTok or Instagram? Stop shooting in the dark: analyze interaction metrics and give your viewers what they’ll love to watch

Social video intelligence
Social media analytics
social media monitoring
most popular tiktokers worldwide
competitive analytics
Benchmark with anyone

Deliver the best video content

Discover the strategy of your competitors and industry leaders. Analyze what type of videos bring them best results across different social networks, and take inspiration for your content. Access insight analysis of hundreds of thousands of videos and creators, and pick topics that resonate to your dream audience best

Competitive analytics
Thousands of videos and channels analytics under one roof

Learn from the best

Discover the best stories posted by your industry leaders and the most successful creators. Track and compare all monitored video campaigns progress and social Influencers activity on one dashboard. Catch the most engaging content and learn how you could improve your communication. Gain valuable insights from the best performing channels

Smart Folders
TikTok Analytics
industry monitoring tool
tiktok analytics
content discovery
Jump early on challenges

Stay up to date with the latest trends

Get new content ideas from the most viral stories in your industry and create engaging communication in line with the latest social trends. Bring the hottest topics to the table before your competitors

Find reliable partners

Be first to discover up-and-coming Influencers

Uncover emerging creators before anyone else, verify industry experts and partner with reputable Influencers your viewers demand now. Make data-driven business decisions that will impact your growth instead of paying for partnerships that don’t bring you any favor

Content Discovery
Influencer research
content discovery
tiktok updates alerts
mail alerts
Keep an eye on the ball

Get updates on the go

Don’t waste time browsing tons of irrelevant content posted on socials every minute. Set instant mail alerts and stay up to date with activities around channels and niche that you care about the most, hassle-free

Mail alerts
Lower ad cost and increase ROI

Laser target your YouTube Ads audience

Find YouTube videos with monetization enabled in a few seconds. Browse any niche by your desired keywords and display your ads on relevant and brand-safe placements directly in front of precisely targeted audiences

YouTube Ads Optimization
youtube ads optimization

Join 11 000 professionals from all around the world

Keep up with dynamic social media trends in the era of digital video

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