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1. Search by keyword:
For example video tittle or profile username

2. Paste URL to video or profile on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, for example:
YT video:
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If we don’t have the video or profile you are looking for, once you entered it for search, we will add it to our database and track it from now on 😉

ViralStat is a smart & simple platform for everyone

Video Viewers

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Compare how you look against your competitors


Check your music releases performance

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Follow and analyze the results of your Artists

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Everyday we track millions of videos and profiles from YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

Measure, analyze and compare. Find viral video content, trending creators and influencers. Create your own charts and collect data to designated smart folders, to have a deep insight into statistics and compare for whatever your purposes.

Video and Profile Analytics

Detailed statistics collected, updated and kept in one place, presented to you in a clear and transparent manner.

See the progress of videos and profiles you track: views number growth, likes/dislikes and comments increase, gain/drop of subscribers, overall viewers engagement and much more.

Keep it simple, keep it smart in Smart Folders

Keep all your important data in one place. Organize personalised lists of videos or profiles in smart folders. Create as many smart folders as you need. Add videos or profiles to be compared.

Build your top lists or follow your favourites. Sort, add, move or remove entries as you desire. You can even make it automatic. Number of items slots is the only limit. 

Top Viral Video Charts. Top Social Profile Charts.

See the most trending videos and profiles, updated daily, sorted by engagement, country, category and social media platform it’s hosted on. You can find most viewed or even most disliked video or profile within desired time-frame.

Find viral video content, trending creators and influencers from around the world!

Find viral videos, trending creators and influencers with ease.


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