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Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Banned Hashtags

What to do when you were shadow banned and which hashtags are better to avoid? Everything you need to know about Instagram banned hashtags!

Instagram banned hashtags are a hot topic right now. Instagram has not confirmed or denied that the use of banned hashtags can cause a shadow ban. In fact, they haven’t even confirmed that Instagram shadow banning even exists. Never the less, there is lots of evidence to suggest that Instagram banned hashtags can lead to a shadow ban. So, if your content does not appear under certain hashtags, or your likes and comments have suddenly dropped, here’s everything you need to know about Instagram banned hashtags.



Why Would Instagram Want to Ban Some Hashtags?

The answer to why Instagram bans certain hashtags might be surprising to you. You’d expect hashtags relating to hate posts, pornography and terrorist actives to be banned. But Instagram banned hashtags are not limited to content like that. The list of banned hashtags on Instagram also includes terms that are overused for spam. For example, #happythanksgiving was banned. Presumably because so many people were using the hashtag on unrelated posts. There are also some hashtags that you might use innocently that, when you think about it, may have other connotations. Examples of these include #teens, #todayimwearing, and #fishnets. The reason that Instagram blocks hashtags is both to prevent certain types of content appearing on the network, and to combat spam.


How Can You Find Out What Hashtags are Blocked on Instagram in 2019?

Using banned hashtags could result in your account being shadow banned. So, finding out what hashtags are being blocked by Instagram is important. There are lists of banned hashtags published on the web. There is, though, no definitive list provided by Instagram. The best way to see blocked hashtags is to check for them within Instagram. To do that, type the hashtag in the search box of Instagram. If the tag does not appear in the list, then it may be blocked. If the hashtag does appear, but there are no posts linked to it, that might also be a sign that the hashtag is blocked. Hashtag bans on Instagram are not always permanent. Some are banned temporarily if they are being overused for spam. So, if you want to use a hashtag for genuine purposes, try checking it again a day or two later.


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What Can You do If You have been Shadow Banned?

There is no guaranteed answer to this question. You can, though, try to correct your use of banned hashtags. And, of course, make sure that you are complying with all the Instagram rules. Here are the recommended steps to take:


Correct the Hashtags

Delete the hashtags from the posts that you think has been shadow banned. Try not to use too many hashtags on posts, because this may look like spam. Use the method described above to check that the hashtags that you have used are not blocked.

Disconnect Third-Party Apps

If you are using any third-party apps with Instagram, this may be the cause of your shadow ban. If any of the apps that are using might look like bots or automated interactions, disconnect them.

Remove Anything That Looks Like Spam

If you have posted anything that might look like spam, remove it. This includes too many hashtags, inappropriate use of hashtags, and anything that other people might flag as spam.

Take a Break from Instagram

It could be that your love of Instagram has caused the problem. Lots of posting, liking and commenting may have been incorrectly identified as a bot. Take a break from Instagram for a couple of days. Get some time out and let the Instagram algorithms reset your account.

Report it to Instagram

If you think that your account has been unfairly shadow banned, report it to Instagram. If they agree with you, they may reverse the ban manually.

Switch to a Business Account

Using a personal account for business purposes may result in an Instagram ban. If you have been using your account for promotional purposes, convert it into a business account.

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How to Hide Instagram Hashtags

Too many hashtags can get you shadow banned. They can also make your posts look cluttered and look like spam. If you want to add hashtags, but you want your posts to look clean, there is a very simple solution.

Open a text editor, like Evernote or Notes. Type a dot and then hit return. Repeat that four more times to give you five dots. Then, add your hashtags following the five dots. Post your photo or video and copy and paste the dots and hashtags into your caption or comments. This will only work if you copy and paste from a text editor. It does not work if you try to type it directly into Instagram.


How to Avoid Being Blocked by Instagram

It’s easier than you might think to get blocked by Instagram. If you have fallen into some bad habits, it could result in a shadow ban on some posts. It could also result in your account being banned from the network. Here’s some tips to help you avoid getting blocked on Instagram.


Don’t Use Instagram Banned Hashtags

Use the method described above to avoid posting blocked hashtags. Think about the hashtags that you use. Could they have other meanings? Could they be construed as spam? If you think you may have mistakenly used banned hashtags before, remove them.

Limit the Number of Hashtags

Limit the number of hashtags per posts to a maximum of ten. If you use many more, your post is likely to get flagged as spam. Use different tags for different posts as well. Repeated use of one hashtag may look like spam.

Don’t Use Bots

If you use bots to increase your likes and comments, it could result in a ban. Don’t buy likes and comments either. Paid for interactions will create artificially high levels of interaction that will be picked by Instagram.

Don’t use Pods to Boost Your Posts

Instagram pods, or engagement groups, are groups of Instagram users who agree to like each other’s posts. They artificially boost the prominence of posts. This is against the policies of Instagram. The Instagram algorithms can now spot this type of activity, and it could lead to a ban.


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Despite there being no official word from Instagram on banned hashtags and shadow banning, there is little doubt that this does occur. So, keep a watchful eye on your Instagram analytics. If user interaction seems to be tailing off, you may have a problem with your hashtags. Instagram is not doing this out of spite. They are doing to keep offensive material and spam off the network. The best thing to avoid a ban is to monitor your Instagram analytics, and think carefully about your use of hashtags.


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