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Facebook publishes new report on how to maximize video ad performance

The report presented by Facebook contains data on video usage behaviors, as well as how brands can improve their video performance. These insights can be particularly useful for both advertisers and marketers if they leverage the information to build more effective video ad campaigns.

How people are watching video?IGTV stats Instagram

First of all, Facebook drew attention to a different way of engaging in a video on and off mobile throughout the day. This was analyzed on the basis of Facebook and Netflix. It’s obvious that the way we watch Facebook Story is definitely different from how we watch movies on Netflix. A video is a critical component of both experiences but serves very different needs.

Let’s take a closer look at these differences. Facebook divided them into two categories: discovery and intent-based viewing.




    • short sessions
    • frequent
    • unplanned
    • information and inspiration


Intent-based viewing:


    • longer sessions
    • fewer
    • planned
    • entertainment and relaxation.

What’s unique in both feed environments and stories is that people can enjoy text, photos or videos and each piece of content stands on its own. Therefore, people have the ultimate choice of what they want to engage with and for how long.

The report also contains information that mobile has increasingly become a destination for longer consumption. According to a new Nielsen report, in the first quarter of 2018, people ages 18-34 in the US now spend 43% of their time-consuming media on digital platforms (phones, tablets, computers), with around one-third of that time taking place on smartphones.

Ad solutions built for the ways people watch

Consumer insights have been instrumental in shaping ad product development on Facebook today. Two examples have been presented: In-stream Ads and Instant Articles.

  • In-stream Ads

Facebook researches of In-stream Ads (ads that are placed in video content) showed that people have a low tolerance for long ads, with much higher abandon rates for ads longer than 15 seconds. In addition, videos must be long enough to contain ads. Facebook limited the length of the In-stream Ad to 15 seconds, and such ads will appear only in videos lasting at least 3 minutes.

  • Instant Articles

Instant Articles are a native news experience on Facebook. Not so long ago, the video was played automatically when people scrolling News Feed. This very often distracted users, because it turned on when they didn’t finish reading the previous text yet. To meet the expectations of users, Facebook changed it – now, a video is automatically played when 100% of the pixels are on the screen.

Tailor your video ads to how people watch

All of these notes should be key considerations in your Facebook video campaigns. Facebook has included the tips for advertisers into three essential points:

Match your message to what people expect from an experience

For example, Facebook says that Stories can be a great opportunity to feature behind-the-scenes sneak peeks or more unfiltered, raw videos, while in-stream ads are good for longer storytelling about a new product or to reach a new audience that needs more information.

Build ads catered to your audience’s viewing behaviors

Due to the limited attention spans, shorter ads work better – not only on mobile devices but also on television. Facebook also emphasizes that on mobile devices, you can better target your ads to the people you want to reach.

Measure performance based on where your ad is shown

Facebook also notes that it’s important to measure results such as online and offline conversions. In addition, advertisers should not compare the effectiveness of their video ads on different platforms.

These are some key tips, which all Facebook video advertisers should take into account. We encourage you to read the full report prepared by Facebook. You will find it here:  How People Are Watching Video and What This Means for Advertisers

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