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How to use Facebook and Instagram live videos to grow your brand?

One of the best things live videos can do for a brand is help in achieving business goals by connecting the brand with users in a more human way. There are actually many benefits of using this form of content – not only can you reach this valuable audience, but you can also engage in real-time conversations with them.

Today we want to present you a few tips about what you can do with live videos on Facebook and Instagram in order to grow your brand.


  • Collaborate with other experts


Invite influencers from your industry to join your video. Experts will certainly attract a wide audience, and you will gain more viewers. In addition, another person may present a different view on a specific topic, which will give your audience a greater understanding of the issue.


  • Announce a new product IGTV stats Instagram


Live product launch usually evokes great interest of viewers who want to be the first to see a new product. What’s more, it is one of the best ways to create buzz around the product and, ultimately, boost sales.


  • Organize a Q&A session


Organizing a Q&A session via live video is an effective way to strengthen your relationships with fans, customers, and potential clients. The topic for your live video could be as simple as answering questions related to your products or services to help people understand your product better and improve their experience.


  • Run a contest


If you care about increasing the audience’s engagement and brand awareness – run a contest. Actually, every opportunity can be good. You should know that it will benefit the recipient and the brand! Furthermore, you can create an even more engaging experience. Just announce the winner of the contest via live video. It’s a great way to expand the viewing audience of your brand.


  • Share live event coverage


One of the biggest advantages of organizing and broadcasting a live event is that it can help your brand become a recognized expert in your industry. To reach new audiences and share your knowledge with them, make sure you broadcast your live video on different social media platforms.


  • Review your product


You should definitely keep in mind that the vast majority of people check the reviews and possibilities that the product offers before making a purchase. So you can show all the benefits of your product and convince buyers to buy it through the live video.


  • Teach viewers how to do something


The first rule in creating content for your audience is to provide value in everything you do. One of the interesting and simple ways to do this is to teach your audience how to do something. This can be easy if the instruction is on a task you already know very well. Thus, you will connect with fans and build an even larger audience.


  • Announce breaking news


When an event that affects your brand happens, you should live stream it. This is the best way to provide up-to-date information to viewers. If you’re the main source of live information during an important event, you’ll get great brand awareness without additional costs or efforts.


  • Use live video to learn about your audience


And last but not least, you get to find out what your audience really wants. Viewers ask questions in your live chat because they see you as an expert in your industry and that’s why they want to know your opinion on a given topic. Showing interest in their questions is an effective way to build a strong relationship with the audience.

Conclusions and final thoughts

Let’s recap! Using live videos in your marketing activities can help your brand to stand out from the crowd, to connect and engage with your audiences and strengthen your relationships with them. Overall, Facebook and Instagram live videos also allow you to access a broader viewer base. So use the advice described above in your marketing strategy and let your business grow!

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