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How to get more value from your video content?

Video content is undoubtedly a great opportunity to add tremendous value to your brand. They can help increase conversions, improve brand loyalty or just allow you to reach new customers. The condition is as follows – these content must be of high quality and, above all, provide value to recipients. Find out what else you need to remember to create video content that will attract the attention of your viewers!


Listen and understand your audience


Before you start generating ideas for video content, think about what viewers want to see. Trying to understand what they expect, spend some time learning about the recipients’ expectations, initiating conversations on social media and read comments to see what others are thinking about.


Align with your brand goals


After identifying the topic that you think the audience may like, then you should pay attention to your brand. Think about whether the idea you want to implement will meet the specific goals the brand aims to achieve.IGTV stats Instagram

However, if you don’t see the points of contact between them and the video content you are about to create, try to come up with a different solution. Admittedly, this can be extremely difficult, but if the idea of ​​the content is surprisingly well-thought-out, it will bring many benefits to both the brand and the audience.


Repurpose your content


Update your content and adapt it to individual social networking sites. It’s a great way to attract new users and reach the target group. Promote videos in your channels, but remember not to duplicate the same content in each of them.


Measure your efforts


After you’ve spent hours creating those amazing content that’s tailored to your audience, and at the same time being compatible with your brand’s goals, make sure they’re working at all. Not always what seems perfect to us will be equally positively received by the audience. So, always measure your actions and focus on what needs to be improved.


Pay attention to what’s not working


If you notice that certain formats or topics are ineffective, cut them out. Focus your efforts on finding ways to create the highest quality content that suits your brand, even if it means reducing the number of publications. Always think critically – approach the content as a consumer. What kind of content would you like to see? I’m guessing that you want useful, original, comprehensive and interesting content tailored to your interests. You can be sure that your audience wants the same!


Consider what has already worked for you


A typical mistake that often arises is that many marketers focus on what is new and what others do. Remember that the most important thing is to look at what you have created in the past and to analyze what worked and what didn’t. If something worked, try to do something similar, but even better! Then you have the guarantee your audience will like it.

How to get more value from your video content?

Now it’s your turn!

Well, make up your mind whether your video content is useful to your audience and what else you can improve. If you haven’t yet implemented any of the above-mentioned tips, use them to make your future video activities valuable and even better received by viewers.

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