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Best practices for optimizing video on Facebook

Facebook has published the best practices for optimizing video, so if you create this type of content, these tips can be extremely useful for you. Check what to keep in mind to attract users’ attention and drive previously established business goals.

At the beginning, it’s worth mentioning that in recent times Facebook has made several updates available. The most important of them are:IGTV stats Instagram

  • News Feed ranking update to favor video content that people seek out and return to regularly.
  • News Feed ranking update to favor videos that inspire interaction and conversation among people watching that content.

This social network focuses on making the time spent by users on the platform well-used by them. The best practices are designed to help you optimize for distribution and monetization. Below we briefly describe each of them.

Optimize for distribution and monetization

Make sure your videos capture viewers’ attention for at least one minute. What’s more, they must have the highest possible resolution and bit rate, and primarily feature motion and movement. Try to provide viewers a true video experience, not a still images or slideshows.

Choose the right duration for videos. Seeing how your audience responds is the best way to find out the “ideal” length for your videos. If you want to monetize the ads in your video, make sure your videos last for three or more minutes. It is also necessary that Ad Breaks fit naturally within your content.

The first natural break point should be between 1 and 2 minutes, and the second between 5 and 6 minutes. This will help to optimize your earnings.

You can also use the automatic ad placement feature. This option uses an algorithm to select the most natural breakpoints in a way that helps you maximize your potential payout.

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Create habitual and loyal viewership

The distribution of your content will be the better, the more people will come back to view your content. Facebook takes into account how frequently viewers return to watch your content. Check what you should keep in mind:

  • Create content that viewers will want to share with your friends. Such to which users want to come back and regularly engage in this content.
  • Publish on a regular schedule. Publishing video content on a daily or weekly basis will encourage viewers to return for new episodes.
  • Encourage viewers to come back to your site regularly. Focus on content your audience will connect and engage with.
  • Always respond to comments and questions from viewers. If the user receives a response, he can turn into a loyal fan. Comments are also a great way to get ideas for new episodes and themes.
  • Share the link to your content on all of your social channels and write comprehensive descriptions for each of your posts to reach as many users as possible.

Are you inviting authentic engagement from your audience members?

Facebook wants to promote authentic engagement and meaningful interactions. For this purpose, avoid asking viewers for a reaction directly. When you ask for reviews in the description and comments, use the questions that allow a wide range of answers. Invite viewers to share their thoughts, general opinions and questions. Tell viewers about yourself and your content and let them know what they can expect if they choose to follow you.

In this article, we have included only some of the most important best video practices in our opinion. More detailed tips can be found on the Facebook blog. We encourage you to read them to stay up to date with all the guidelines.

Furthermore, add videos of the highest quality – aim for the highest possible resolution and bit rate (at least 3Mbps if shooting at 720 pixel resolution and 30 frames per second, or at least 6Mbps if shooting at 1080 pixel resolution and 30 frames per second), especially if your footage contains a lot of motion or text.

Throughout remember to follow Facebook’s Monetization Eligibility Standards, which govern who is eligible to monetize. For this purpose:

  • ensure your content does not violate our Community Standards,
  • create content that adheres to Content Guidelines for Monetization,
  • develop content that is original and/or content of which you have full ownership.

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