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Why do people watch gaming videos on youtube?

The world of gaming has evolved dramatically and now there are people making 7 figure incomes just streaming their videos on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Yes, you read that right! They are making a million dollars just by playing video games, so I guess your parents were wrong when they said you could never make money from gaming!

People all over the world log in to watch their favorite streamers or videos related to their main video games. Now that YouTube allows gamers to stream their games, and records the stream to be posted as a video, people are getting more and more views through multiple traffic methods. The live aspect pulls in the people who are online right now and the videos created from the streams gain exposure through the SEO done on the videos.

Now, people aren’t watching because of the marketing done to the videos, they’re watching for a few reasons that are listed below, and they are:

Gaming Tutorials

A lot of times when we were younger, and maybe you still do, we would go out and buy a walkthrough guide to figure IGTV stats Instagramout what to do at a certain point of the game. With videos being easily accessible and free, people can find a little gaming walkthrough for the parts they’re stuck on within the game they’re currently playing.

Gaming tutorials don’t just help people get past a point they’re stuck on, they also help improve gameplay in modes like PvP. PvP stands for “Player vs Player” and is extremely competitive, which means the more you know how to do and the strategies you can perfect, the more likely you’ll win your next match.

Games like Call of Duty and Destiny have competitive modes where you could get matched up against a pro. If you don’t know what you’re doing, what weapons to use, where to stand when to shoot when to revive, etc. you’ll likely lose and your team won’t be too happy with you. Knowing what to do, and when to do it, will help you win more matches and that’s why people all over the world flock to YouTube to watch little tips and tricks tutorials in order to know what they should be doing to win!

For The Love Of The Game

A lot of people will go watch a live stream on YouTube or watch a pre-recorded video that has been edited because they simply love the game. They will watch hours upon hours of gameplay during their downtime because they think about the next time they will be playing and want to have access right then and there.

A lot of videos that get attention are highlight reels from top gamers with a lot of followers/subscribers. These videos are loved by the community because all of the fluff and downtime is taken out and you’re left with the best moments of the game.

Game Streamers Are Like Celebrities

Today we have people on TV and in movies who are celebrities but we also have well-known gamers on platforms like YouTube that are getting a lot of attention. There is one gamer named Ninja who has millions of subscribers/followers and is making over $500,000 a month through all of his donations and is making even more because he’s sponsored by RedBull. Yes, a video gaming pro is sponsored by a sports drink that was solely sponsoring athletes and anyone in extreme sports!

Gaming celebrities are getting more and more famous over time and that just keeps growing year after year. Little kids love playing videos games, and they gravitate towards the better players, and that’s the main reason people are watching video games on YouTube more and more each year. As the kids grow up, they are still watching these games, and there are many new generations of kids starting to watch these videos every single day.

In 10 years we’ll likely have the Olympics of videos games because of how fast this industry is growing. 10 years ago a pro gamer would make $100,000 a year if they were winning a bunch of competitions and had various sponsors. Today, top gamers are making 5 or 6 million a year, which means it’s only getting more popular as time goes on.

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